The difference between our fight and punch shields is that the fighting shields are thought to endure mainly against single handed weapons like in the Codex Belli, the punching shields against two handed ones, especially in Buhurt.

Both types are made form two layers of high-quality plywood (Punch -> Birch, fighting -> Poplar) and are glued together with a piece of fabric in between under pressure. After 48 hours they get extracted from the mold and sawed into shape. Then the wood blank gets encased in a thinner layer of fabric to increase its dimensional stability.

In the next step a piece of rope gets attached to the edge of the shield with a waterproof glue. Because the edge gets hit the most an extra 5cm broad, strong linen strap enforces the rim additionally.

When this part is dried, the last layer of strong, thicker linen fabric gets glued on.

Then the leather loops, straps and self-produced buckles for the arm mount are fastened with solid rivets. Through the loops a 1cm thick linen rope gets threaded, which you can node yourself perfectly fitting for your glove.

In the last part of the production your motive gets painted on with Acrylic colors and sealed twice with waterproof, transparent varnish.

The shield is ready for Battle!

“Now put your shields before your hearts and fight

with hearts more proof than shields. Advance my fellows!”

           Shakespeare, Coriolanus

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